It is more common than many think the fact that the electric motor suffer from the short circuit, but this short circuit can be in turns, the short-circuited coil, between the phases in connection off the slot or inside the slot.

When the electric motor suffers from short circuit at the output of the groove or the groove means that this happened because the enamel insulates the wire is faulty, the varnish impregnation is also faulty, there was an internal fault and thus the engine is contaminated.

But in addition, the electric motor may be suffering from rapid fluctuations in the supply voltage, or even the electric motor insulation material is undergoing a drying process, since the electric motor is entering operation at a point that is above its thermal class.

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Every time an electric motor is put into operation with the weight of the load, the trend is that the frequency of departures / reversers will be allowed per hour will always be lower than the frequency with which matches / reversals occurred in the void that occurs due the increase that is obtained from the losses that are electromagnetic.

To be given the frequency of matches / reversals will always need to know what is the power that is being supplied by the electric motor and also what is the service arrangements that the electric motor is making use.

It must also consider that the three-phase electric sensors magpowr ts induction motor losses usually happen always in the range of 50% to 150% of rated load and these losses will vary from rough way with the square of the power that the electric motor provides.